About Stewart Mills

For six generations Stewart Mills’ family has lived and worked in Minnesota’s 8th District. For nearly three decades Stewart worked at his family’s businesses, Mills Fleet Farm and Mills Automotive Group, where he learned the meaning of hard work and what it takes to grow jobs and successfully maintain a main-street business. Starting with one store in 1955, the Mills family developed Mills Fleet Farm into a multi-state operation, with 35 stores throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and Iowa.

Mills Fleet Farm is embedded in communities throughout the Midwest, helping give Stewart insight into what makes these communities tick and the struggles families face every day. He also learned how to be a problem solver, working with diverse voices within the company and community members.

Unlike so many in Washington, D.C., Stewart is not a lawyer or a lifelong professional politician. He’s a businessman with a lifetime of experiences helping run a large company with thousands of employees.

He resides in the Brainerd Lakes area with his wife, Heather, the daughter of a Norwegian immigrant, and his five children. After transitioning out of his business career, Stewart Mills is throwing his full energy into representing our part of Minnesota, and bringing our values to a Congress sorely in need of common sense and main-street know how.