Stewart Mills is a 42 year old married father of five who lives with his family in the Brainerd Lakes area. Since before the age of 14 he has worked in his family’s businesses in a variety of positions. Upon graduating from Northwood University in 1995, with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Stewart worked at a number of stores as part of Fleet Farm's store management program.

Stewart served as the Director of Personnel for Fleet Farm from 2000-2010 overseeing the administration and management of a workforce of more than 6,000, as well as health insurance, 401k, Profit Sharing and other benefit plans. Currently, Stewart is Vice President of Mills Fleet Farm, headquartered out of Brainerd, MN. Stewart is also the originator of FleetFarm.com, innovative health care plans, Mills Indoor Shooting and Archery, brands of Firearms and accessories, the “We Love It! Outdoors” Television series and numerous other forward thinking projects aimed at increasing the retail reach of Mills Fleet Farm, now and in the future.

Stewart is also very involved in the community. As a board member of the Minnesota Fraternal Order of Police Foundation he created the “Fleet Farm Fraternal 4H” 4K run to raise money for the Fraternal Order of Police Foundation and the local 4-H. Stewart is also the creator of the Louis Hostager Award given annually in conjunction with the Brainerd YMCA to recognize individuals who have significantly impacted the Brainerd Lakes Area. As well as law enforcement and agriculture causes, Stewart is supportive of the Brainerd YMCA, the Salvation Army, Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge and the Women Center of Mid-Minnesota, as well as numerous other organizations that bring our communities together for a better Minnesota.

The Mills Companies were started in 1922 in Brainerd MN, by Stewart Mills, Sr. with an emphasis in the automotive industry. The Fleet Farm component of the Mills Companies was added by Stew Jr. and Hank Mills in 1955 as outgrowth of Stewart Sr.’s auto parts stores. Mills Fleet Farm is a growing, closely held, multi-generational family business based out of Brainerd with 32 retail locations and on the web at www.fleetfarm.com. Today the Mills Companies are headed by Henry Mills II and Stew Mills Jr., assisted by their children Charlie, Andrew, Marisa and Stewart.